Peering Into The Toolbox

Discussing some accessory vegetable production practices

Natalie Bumgarner  UT Residential and Consumer Horticulture Extension Specialist and Tennessee Master Gardener Coordinator

January 15, 2015

Farm Bureau Office Auditorium

1103 Boones Creek Rd. (Hwy 354), Jonesborough

4:00 to 5:30 p.m.*

This presentation will include two new innovative practices that should increase productivity for vegetable growers. This includes tools for extending seasons and how you may apply these practices for your own vegetables on a small scale. Second, Natalie will demonstrate how grafting is becoming more important to veggie gardeners. She will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mulching.

Natalie Bumgarner, a WV native with a background in agriculture, received a horticulture BS from West Virginia University with experience in ornamental greenhouse production. Her MS, also from WVU, focused on small scale organic vegetable production practices. She completed a Ph.D. in Horticulture and Crop Science from Ohio State University with research on environment impacts on yield and crop composition in leafy vegetables. Prior to joining the UT Department of Plant Sciences, Natalie carried out postdoctoral work at Ohio State and was the Horticulturist and Research Director for CropKing, Inc. in Lodi, OH.

* Note the earlier meeting time.

This schedule change is for January

and February programs only.

Trends in Gardening – edited by Hugh Conlin