Calendar of Events

SAPS Speaker List for 2023

January 19:  Natalie Bumgarner by zoom. “ Results of Latest UT Vegetable Trials”  

February 16:  Mark Weathington in person. “Vines, Scramblers and Climber – Going Up Is Next Level Gardening!”  

March 16:  Shannon Trimboli in person.  “Creating an Eco-Friendly Yard” (plus a portion of her summary of latest Monarch research)

April 20:  Jeremy Hoffman in person.   “Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees — The Phenological Impact of Climate Change.”   

May18:  Hugh Conlon in person.  “25 Shrubs I Can’t Garden Without”    

September 21:  Kirk Brown in person.  “Olmsted:  Environmental Visionary”

October:  Seed swap, no speaker.

November 16:  Janet Draper by zoom.  “Plants , Passion and Perseverance; A Focus on Positive Solutions and Experience Gained.”