Calendar of Events

SAPS Programs for 2022

January 20, 2022                       Barbara Pleasant.  Zoom presentation on growing vegetables, including highlights from her new book Homegrown Pantry.

February 17, 2022                     Holly Scoggins.  Zoom presentation.  “Shade Gardening with Perennials, Annuals and Shrubs.”

March 17, 2022                         Debra Knapke.  “Simplifying Your Garden without Diminishing Your Joy.”  In-person.

April 21, 2022                            Dan Benarcik.  “Design Principles of the Pros.”  In-person.

May 19, 2022                             Hugh Conlon.   “Garden Solvers:  Sedges and Ornamental Grasses.”   In-person.

September 15, 2022                 Pat Cullina.  “Effective Strategies for Creating Dynamic, Diverse Plant-Driven Landscapes.”  In-person.

November 10, 2022                  Susan Martin.   “Container  Gardening.” In-person.