Southern Appalachian Plant Society

Best Management Practices for Selecting, Planting, and  Establishing Woody Ornamentals and Trees  in the Landscape 

Lee Rumble, Certified Arborist, UT Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent

Thursday, November 17, at 7 pm, BrightRidge Auditorium, 2600 Boones Creek Rd (Hwy 354), Johnson City (This presentation will be in-person only.)

 Learn the best management strategies for selecting, planting,  and establishing woody ornamentals and trees in your land scape. Lee will discuss why we love trees, the benefits of our urban landscapes, initial considerations to make prior to planting,  the best time of year to plant, and how to select the best plant  material from your local garden center. From there, the talk will  segue into the landscape to expand on proper planting and general maintenance practices that should be implemented in those  first few critical years after planting your new nursery stock. Lee Rumble is an Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension  Agent in Knox County. As a Tennessee native originally from  Nashville, he has always considered east Tennessee to be his  “forever home.” Lee received his International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Arborist Certification in May of 2010 after nearly a  decade in the arboricultural industry. This milestone became the  inspiration for his future educational endeavors. Immediately  thereafter, he began following his passions and by 2019 had  completed an A.S. in Horticulture, a B.S. in Plant and Soil Science, and a M.S. in Botany—even conducting his master’s re search in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Lee’s close  working relationship with the public prior to his schooling, along  with his desire to educate others is precisely what led him to UT  Extension. After graduation, he immediately sought out a role  that would allow him to continue to be both a life-long learner and  an educator in east Tennessee. 

Lee works closely with commercial landscapers, arborists, and  the residents of Knox County to promote the proper management  and care of urban and rural landscapes. In his spare time, Lee  can be found somewhere among the trees. Most commonly, this  means backpacking in the Smokies, mountain biking, or even in  a climbing saddle high up in the treetops!