Calendar of Events


January 17—Joe Lamp’l, “No-Till Gardening”

x February 21—Andrew Pulte, “Overachievers” – How to Sort through and Select from the Endless Stream of New Plants on the Market

x March 21—Frank Hale, “Insect Pests of Roses and Other Ornamentals”

x April 4—Jeremy Hoffman, “Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees — The Phenological Impact of Climate Change”.

x April 18—Jeanine Davis, “Growing Ginseng, Goldenseal & Other Medicinal Herbs”

x May 16—Susan Jasan, “Gardening on Slopes and Hillsides”

x August—SAPS Annual Homegrown Tomato Fest

x September 19—Will Hooker, “Permaculture”

x October—SAPS Annual Plant and Seed Swap

x November 21—Paul Westervelt, “The New Perennial Movement & Why It Matters”