Southern Appalachian Plant Society (SAPS)

Tomato Fest XIV winners

August 11, 2018

Best Tasting Categories


1st         Pink Belgium                                Church Hill Senior Center Garden

2nd        Australia                             Dennis Marshall

3rd        Porterhouse                         Dennis Marshall


1st        Moonglow                                    Church Hill Senior Center Garden

2nd     Persimmon                            Church Hill Senior Center Garden

3rd     Kellogg’s Breakfast                 Church Hill Senior Center Garden


1st         Mammoth German Gold       Dennis Marshall

2nd       Striped German                    Church Hill Senior Center Garden

3rd         Georgia Streak                    Luther Kite


1st        Prudens Purple                     Church Hill Senior Center Garden

2nd       Cherokee Purple                   Jim LaFollette and CHSC Garden

3rd        Black Krim                          Dennis Marshall


Salsa Contest

         1st         Peach Mango                      Randy Keaton and Keatley Farms

2nd       Zesty Fiesta Salsa                 Kathy Waldo

3rd       Hot Salsa                             Randy Keaton and Keatley Farms

3rd       Fresh Tomato Salsa              Beth Ashbrook


Tomato Fest XIV Winners – Specialty Categories

Best Dressed Tomato

1st     “Flower Child”                        Paula Socha

2nd     “Bird”                                    June Napora

3rd     “USA” and “Luau”          Zeke Keaton and Lexus Keaton

Biggest Tomato

1st      Big Zac                2.36 pounds                  Dennis Marshall

2nd       Big Zac               2.07 pounds                  Michael Fields

3rd     Mr. Stripey  1.43 pounds                 Jim LaFollette

Prettiest Tomato

1st       tie                                                Luther Kite and Dennis Marshall

2nd    tie                                          Jim Lafollette and Alisha Taylor

3rd                                                  Erika Marshall


Ugliest Tomato

1st      tie                                          John Matherly and Stacy LaFollette

2nd     tie                                          Dusty Saylor and Dennis Marshall

3rd    tie                                          Ken Saylor and Michaela Slagle


Most Bizarre Tomato

1st                                                   Ken Saylor

2nd                                                  Dusty Saylor

3rd                                                  Natalie Notting


We are offering to members a few recommendations for anyone interested in garden tours and travel both within the United States and Overseas.  Members have travelled with each of these groups and feel confident in suggesting them to you.

Feel free to contact them and ask to be added to their contact list in order to be informed when they have trips available.  You may also want to google them for more information, as some have websites and/or Facebook pages.  Garden Tours and Travel  Troy will be announcing his 2019 tours on

August 1.  He has already posted a few hints on his Facebook page.

Ron and Linda Williams  or call them at 417-408-3880.

Dr. McDuffie, retired professor from Virginia Tech  He has already posted all his 2019 tours.  Take a look!

Jason Reeves, Horticulturist at UT Gardens in Jackson, TN .  Email him and ask to be added to his announcement list when he schedules a tour.

Dr. Sue Hamilton, Director of UT Gardens in Knoxville schedules garden tours almost every year.  Ask her to add you to the announcement list.  The announcements can usually be found on the UT Gardens Facebook and email announcements.

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