2014 Tomato Fest Salsa Recipes

First Prize Salsa Recipe

John and Nancy Scott

14 cups of packed, peeled tomatoes (cut up and put 1/4 c. salt to drain in colander

1/2 cup salt (1/4 cup described above while draining the chopped tomatoes  cup of hot peppers (jalapeno or Serrano)

7 cups onions chopped

7 cups of bell peppers (we use 1/2 bell peppers and 1/2 mild/slightly hot peppers (poblano or Anaheim)

1 Tbls. Black pepper

3/8 cup lime juice

3 Tbls. Minced garlic

7 Tbls. Sugar

2 Tbls. Cumin

One bunch of fresh chopped cilantro

Chop up tomatoes and remove most seeds and liquid.  Put tomatoes in a colander, adding salt as you go. While the tomatoes are draining, chop up the onions and peppers.  Sauté 2-3 Tbls. Vegetable oil and add garlic, until just tender.  Mix everything together and heat to almost a boil.  Put in hot jars and hot bath for 15 minutes.  Enjoy


Third Prize Salsa Recipe

Carol McCreary

Fresh Big Orange Salsa

2 cups peeled and chopped yellow or orange tomato

1 cup peeled and chopped fresh peach

Hot peppers – I used 1 orange habanero and jalapeno

½ cup minced onion

1 Tbl. lime juice

½ cup chopped yellow or orange bell pepper

Cilantro to taste

Chop tomatoes and drain. Add chopped peaches and lime juice. Add other ingredients.

Refrigerate a while to let flavors blend.



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